Click on the stock number for more information and pictures of each trailer.

Single Axle Trailers-- All have 1-3500lb axle  Price shown here is with used tires.  New tires add $125.00.

B1106041   5X10 Rampgate                     $795.00

B1108053   5X10 Rampgate                     $795.00

B1106039   5X14 Rampgate                     $915.00

C1112063   6'4X10 Tilt BH                        $670.00

C1112064   6'4X10 Tilt BH                        $670.00

C1112065   6'4X10 Tilt BH                        $670.00

C1112066   6'4X10 Non-Tilt BH                 $670.00

C1112067   6'4X10 Rampgate                   $825.00

C1112068   6'4X10 Rampgate                   $825.00

C1110059   6'4X14 Rampgate                   $1020.00

Tandem Axle Trailers-- All have 2-3500lb Axles.  Price shown is with used tires.  New tires add $250.00

F1108055    16ft Tandem                                                       $1050.00

F1107058    16ft Tandem With Ramps                                    $1175.00

F1110060    16ft Tandem JBSBBH Treated Floor, Ramps        $1340.00

G1112069    18ft Tandem X-wide, 3X2 Top Rail, Ramps          $1415.00

H1108056   16ft Flatbed Car Hauler X-wide Ramps                 $1410.00

I1110062    18ft Dovetail Car Hauler X-wide, Breaks, Ramps  $1690.00